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Running Training for Women

Women's training plans, Women's training guides and food & weight loss advice for women and mums on the run, including advice for running when pregnant, sports bras and iron deficiency.


Looking to lose weight or just started running? See below for our top tips.

Girls Guide to Running

Girls Guide to Running  »

Women’s fitness expert Lucy Wyndham-Read explains what running can do for you.

Shape your Beach Body by Running Clever

Shape your Beach Body by Running Clever  »

Start getting your body ready for the beach this summer, it's never too early to start!

Slim Down by Shrinking your Running

Slim Down your Running  »

Running makes an excellent weapon in the war on excess weight and keeping your distances short could be your best battle plan.


Whether you want practical advice on sports bras or are following the latest in women's fashion, see below.

Get the Celeb Running Look

Get the Celeb Running Look  »

Fiona Bugler shops around for the latest celeb-inspired looks for runners.

Barefoot Running for Women

Women's Barefoot Running  »

The benefits of barefoot running for women could be even greater than for men and we're urging female runners to give it a go.

Sports Bra Advice

Sports Bra Advice  »

Research found that 68% of UK women are not wearing a sports bra to exercise. Here's how to find the right one.