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    Fiona Bugler reveals some of the things newcomers may not want to know! But don’t worry, running still does make you slim, healthy , fit for longer , sexy , sociable and happy ! 1. RUNNING CAN MAKE YOUR TOE NAILS FALL OFF Your toenails may go black and fall off, what’s known as sub...
  • Blog Post: Five Top Tips on Eating Right When Running for Weight Loss

    If you're running to lose weight then eating properly is as important as clocking up the mileage. Nutritionist Julia Revitt gives advice on what foods to eat and when. After you’ve finished a run do you find that you get really hungry and because you’ve been for a run reward yourself...
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    New to Running? Here's 10 reasons why your body's going to love it. So, you've decided that it's about time you go out there and started running. Which is why the shoes are still gathering dust in the cupboard under the stairs and you'll just see if there's anything good...
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    Inspired by the Olympics to start running? Well, here's something you might not have expected as a result of your running regime - some seriously improved bedroom Olympics! A good run and good sex have vital things in common, the release of feel-good hormones, endorphins, a boost to your confidence...
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    Are you thinking about taking on your first 10k? 10k ticks all the running boxes; it’s far enough to test your ability yet not too far to break beginners, but what do you need to know before stepping onto the starting line. Running Bug Editor and Coach Fiona Bugler has the answers. Why do...
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