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Beginners Running Training

All the best running tips and advice for beginners, including how to choose the right running shoes; couch to 5k training plans, and friendly beginners running forums where you can chat with other new bugs! 

Beginner's Guide

Start running today with The Running Bug. Our beginners guides will give you all the information you need to start running safely and enjoyably.

Beginner's Guide to Running

Everything you need to know to start running, tips and advice.

Beginners Running Forum
Day 1 Week 1 C25K completed.
First day running after 15 yrs of no exercise. Only...
Starting C25K
Yesterday done my W2R3. Distance wise I've done...
revelation :-)
After getting very bored on my C210K app, I didn't...
Want to say hi. And I'm a beginner x
Hi I'm beth. 40 total beginner and feel I want...
I'm not sore?
I'm a complete beginner and on week 4 of C24k....
5K Training Plans

If you're running a 5k race then follow our 5k training plans.

Couch to 5k - Beginners 5K Training Plan

If you're new to running then follow this plan as a way to start running or build up to your first 5k.

Intermediate 5k training plan

Intermediate 5k training plan

Us this plan if you can run 5k and are looking to improve your speed.

Advanced 5k training plan

Advanced 5k training plan

For experienced 5k runners looking to break their PB or think about moving to 10k.

Beginners Archive

Can't find what you're looking for? Search our archive of beginners articles here. 

Running Plans & Tips Archive

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Find every beginners article published by The Running Bug here.

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