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Plans and Tips

Plans and Tips
Advice and information on getting the most from your training.
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  • Blog Post: It's Not All About Running

    Increase your running power and minimise risk of injury by cross-training with cycling, swimming or strength sessions. Many runners believe that to run their best all they need to do is run - the more you run the better you’ll get at it, right? Well, yes, to a certain extent, but adding regular...
  • Blog Post: Yoga for Runners

    Yoga can help keep you strong, flexible, and injury-free. As runners, we all know there’s nothing like bounding through the parks to get the heart rate up, tone the body, and de-stress. Paradoxically, though, some of the most active people pounding the pavements are also the least able to move...
  • Blog Post: Training Like An Elite

    The Marathon Support Unit at Brighton University was set up to help local athletes get the best training advice, and at the same time give the students real life guinea pigs to try and test on. The chance to be an experiment was something I couldn’t resist! I’m 44 and have a marathon PB...
  • Blog Post: The Warm Up Basics

    Personal trainer Antony Gray on how warming up helps muscles perform at their best and resist injury. Any athlete will tell you that the importance of a warm-up prior to exercise cannot be overstressed and should be the first part of every training session. It raises the body temperature and prepares...
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