4 Running Styles to Try


Thanks for the interesting articles.

I did try the pose technique for a few days in my normal running shoes, landing on the front of my foot rather than heel.  1. I found it put pressure on the soles of my feet which was uncomfortable. I used to be prone to pressure sores there when I had to stand for long periods at work. 2. Though it apparently relieves pressure on the knees, it has been shown to put more strain on the calves, ankles and achilles tendon. On uneven ground it could make a twisted ankle more likely. 3. I could feel the draw of gravity when I leaned forward slightly while running, as suggested for pose. However, this seemed to make my legs work harder to maintain balance and get tired more quickly. In normal heel running you are in near upright balance all the time. 4. It did not have a significant effect on my pace. It does make you take shorter strides, which could benefit some people and also perhaps guard against overstriding, which in turn could lead to quad and hamstring injuries. However, downhill stretches require longer strides for energy efficiency, equivalent to a higher gear in a car.

I personally feel more comfortable with my heel technique.

To get the technique about right, run in your socks on the lounge floor, hallway or lawn...you automatically start landing on the balls of your feet....to protect the heels!



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