Advanced 5k Training Plan

The Running Bug
The Running Bug Sun, Aug 29 2010 04:04 PM

Advanced 5k Training Plan

Advanced 5k Training Plan - 12 Weeks

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Week 1 30 to 45 mins easy 25 mins tempo 30 to 45 mins easy 30 mins progression Run Rest Day 30 to 40 mins steady 60 mins easy
Week 2 30 to 45 mins easy Intervals: 12 x 400m (60 sec recovery) 40 to 50 mins easy Tempo: 3 x 10 mins (2 mins recovery) Rest Day 45 mins progression Run 65 mins easy

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Hi Running Bug............I wish I did, but I haven't got the spare time to train 6 days a week to follow any of your training plans. Do you have any that you can train 3 or 4 days a week for pretty please? If not, could you create some  - for all the distances?


3 minutes ago