Marathon Training Plans

Marathon Training Plans

Once you've tackled a half marathon, it's time to try the ultimate bucket list challenge - a marathon.

Marathons are tough, and they need commitment, but they end up being the most incredible achievement. 

The beginner marathon plans are for runners attempting the first, and the intermediate & advanced half marathon plans are suitable for runners running more than 30 miles a week, looking to improve speed and stamina.

We have a wide range of training plans and tips and they're all free to download & use.


16 week Beginner Marathon Training Plan
16 week Intermediate Marathon Training Plan
16 week Advanced Marathon Training Plan

Tips from our Personal Trainer

The Running Bug’s resident personal trainer is top coach Nick Anderson from Runningwithus, who has years of experience helping athletes reaching their full potential.

Here, he'll show you;

The secret to running your first marathon

The secret to running your fastest marathon

Important things to remember when training

There's more to running a half marathon than completing a training plan. You'll need to prepare your body for the challenge, so make sure you check out these guides too.

Improving your training

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Running technique

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What to eat when training for a marathon

6 easy meals for runners

The London Marathon

There's no doubt it's one of the most popular and iconic running events in the world. Make sure you're fully prepared for the big day

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Best of Marathon from The Running Bug forums

Have a marathon question you need answering: why not ask 220,000 experts for their opinion? We have loads of super helpful members of the community who would love to help you out. 

Marathon training advice...

First Marathon help

What's a good time for a marathon?

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Why do so many running plans give you time to run rather than mileage in their plans. If you are a slow runner you won't cover sufficient miles to make a marthon less tiring if you go purely on time. Also the plans never tell you what total time for a marathon they are expecting you to achieve!!!



My brother is joining Ironman in the Philippines this year and I told him to use Marathon Guru's app for mobile use free magazine! and

So far, so good! Never a marathoner myself, I could only suggest what others say is good or quality! Check it yourself if you ever needed a free running magazine you can install in your mobile phone.



I'm doing nottingham marathon and plan to do it in under 4:15hrs I have checked out the plan on her and the longest run is 2:15 is this right for a full marathon



Brilliant Marathon.done it twice what an experience,time was not important for me,just to say I did it,sure you will love it!!!!



snowdon marathon hear i come


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