5k Training Plans

Beginners 5k Training Plan

A plan if you're looking take part in your first 5k run or can be used simply to get you started out. It's suitable for both new runners and non regular runners alike.

Find a Beginners 5k Training Plan -The Couch to 5k plan

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 Intermediate 5k Training Plan

Suitable if you've already run a 5k and are now looking to improve your race time.

Find an Intermediate 5k Training Plan


 Advanced 5k Training Plan

An 8 week plan suitable if you consider yourself to be a fairly advanced runner with experience of completing 5k runs and are looking to better your PB.

Find an Advanced 5k Training Plan


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Hi , I've hit a bit of a wall. Been running a few weeks now . Am at the running for 6 minutes / walking for 1 1/2 minutes stage . Can do that for 3 miles (5k) .  Have got untill 13th may to run the whole 5k without stopping . How do I break the walking out??? I still feel I need it . I can run 2 miles non stop. Any advice would be appreciated



Hi well firstly well done your doing really well. Have you tried to start off a bit slower? Or when you get to your wall instead of walking so to a really slow slow jog then once recovered pick up your speed? Im only at the 3min stage! Still finding it hard but just will not give in! Find running no a tredmill easier to out doors but then cant race on a tredmill ha ha ha.

Let me know how it goes and what you did to over come this might get a few tips myself



I'm running 5k in about 30 mins and it's really taking everything I've got! I would love to get back to my previous time of 25 mins, or better but struggling to increase pace over distance. I've tried fartlek and also doing a bit of weights/resistance training to increase muscle. Any suggestions gratefully received as I have entered 2 races over next 2 weekends. :-/



did 5K in 29mins 20 secs at the weekend. Took 9 mins of my personal best. I think this was because I was in a out door race and not treadmill.it felt so good. 10K under the hour is my next challenge.half marathon in October.


15 minutes ago