10k Training Plans

Beginners 10k Training Plan

This plan is designed for a beginner runner who would like to run a 10k event. Its focus is on getting to a level where you'll be able to comnplete the distance comfortably.

Find a Beginners 10k Training Plan

Intermediate 10k Training Plan

Suitable if you've already run a 10k and would like to improve your speed.

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Advanced 10k Training Plan

This plan is suitable if you consider yourself to be a fairly advanced runner with experience of completing 10k runs and are looking to better your PB.

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I'm doing a 10k on the 6th October. I completed the great North Run last weekend in 2hours 20mins so will be able to do 10k but how should I prepare over the next two weeks?



I am doing my first ever 10k on 6th April..   I am so nervous



Do a local 5k park run on a Saturday when can, signed up for few other 5k races, namely race for life & colourmerad, and now signed up for 1st 10k race in august!! Help, need to train for transition from 5k to 10k



I can run 3 miles and now wanna learn and train for a 10k and help on how I can do this I can only train Friday morning and Sunday? Thanks a lot mark


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