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Running Training Plans & Training Tips

Free Running Training Plans for 10Ks, 5Ks, Marathons & Half Marathon. We have a range of 8 week, 16 week running training plans to help runners of all abilities from beginners to advance. See Training Tips to improve speed, strength & running technique.

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How to keep running when you want to stop

How to keep running when you want to stop

When boredom and fatigue sets in, your long run can seem never ending, and it happens... more

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Warm weather training

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3 yoga poses to strengthen your stride

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Get fit mistakes you're probably making

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14 Jan 2015 11:19 AM

Running Training Techniques

If you want to become a better runner, variation in your training is essential. Add these training techniques into your schedule.

Hill Training

Hills provide resistance and are like working in an outdoor gym.

Speed and Interval Training

If you want to run faster, you need to practice running faster. Here's how.

Tempo/Threshold Training

Threshold training will prepare your body to run faster, for longer.

Long Run Training

Develop your aerobic endurance with long run training.

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