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Find out how to build the motivation for running, maintaining your concentration during running and how to set and achieve running goals.


Mental strength is an important part of running and should be included in your training. Find out how to train your brain here.

7 Tips to Help Motivate Yourself

7 Running Motivation Tools to Unlock Your Potential »

Rediscover your motivation using these tips. They are part of a proven system that really does help you achieve your goals.

10 Essential Motivation Tips

10 Essential Motivation Tips  »

10 tips to help motivate you, print them out and stick them on your fridge for a motivational boost every day!

Concentration Tips for Runners

Concentration Tips for Runners  »

Want to make sure your concentration level is spot on?. Make the most of your mind with these tips.

Demolish The Wall

How to Train Your Mind to Run Better  »

Use these mental training techniques to help demolish the wall and achieve your goals.

S.A.D Seasonal Affects Disorder

6 Ways to Beat Winter Blues  »

Numerous studies have shown that exercise is the perfect antidote to depression. Here are 6 ways to beat winter blues

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