Eating on the Move: Eat Like an Olympian Part 2

Eating on the Move: Eat Like an Olympian Part 2

Recipes for runnersRicardo da Costa is a Senior Lecturer in Dietetics and Human Nutrition at Coventry University and author of Cooking For Sport And Exercise cookbook and app that uses food ‘to get you fitter’. Ricardo, an ex-professional athlete, has written the recipes with elite and recreational athletes in mind. Recipes are broken down into sections such as loading up carbs, sport and recovery drinks, protein. Ricardo has selected three key recipes for The Running Bug users, each carefully balanced with optimum nutrition in mind…


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Enjoy after the morning training session or as a snack in-between sessions. Recipes inspired by the 2010 European Trans-Alpine Ultra-Marathon. Running to lose weight? Get your diet right to shed pounds and enjoy running. A quick, simple and tasty carbohydrate rich dish, ready to fill depleted energy stores


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