• How to avoid an unwanted toilet stop

    There’s nothing worse than that feeling of panic as your stomach issues, or ‘runner’s trots’, threaten to strike. Although it can be awkward to talk about you’re not alone with your concerns and luckily there could be a quick fix just waiting for you...
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  • How to boss a duathlon

    If youre looking for a new challenge, something a bit different that still allows you to run and you definitely dont want to swim, a duathlon is the perfect even for you. So whether youve already booked your duathlon or just thinking about it, remember...
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  • 5 signs you’re in the wrong running position

    Running in the wrong position can do more harm than you realise; aggravating minor injuries and negatively impacting your running. So to help prevent injury and improve your running here are 5 tell-tale signs you’re in the wrong running position.
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  • How to recreate your last runner’s high

    The runner’s high; the reward that makes all those miles, pain, and early mornings worthwhile. It’s exhilarating and euphoric but sometimes it feels like weeks or even months since your last one but don't worry, your runner's high has not been...
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  • How to use compression to make you a better runner

    As runner’s we’re always looking for new ways to power our run to keep us going longer and recover faster. So with years of research and testing behind them we asked the experts at SKINS to tell us everything they know about compression technology, their...
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  • 10 benefits of running longer distances

    Running has tons of body benefits; just 30 minutes a day can burn fat faster, strengthen leg muscles, and even help you make new friends. So if you're onto your next challenge; tackling a spring 10k, or challenging yourself to a half or full marathon...
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  • 5 signs you're overpronating

    Knowing how your feet work is crucial for finding your best trainers for running and helping you smash your goals. Here are 5 signs youre overpronating.
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  • Quiz: Are you fit for your age?

    Do you reckon you avoid the most common fitness mistakes and follow a healthy diet so that youre fit for your age? Take our test now to find out if you’re fit as a fiddle, or whether your grandma could end up giving you a run for your money.
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  • 3 quick stride fixes to make you a better runner

    Quads and glutes maybe the key muscles to get you going but If you want to run further, faster, and stay injury-free it’s important to strengthen the smaller, more forgotten about muscles to keep you stable and strong. Follow these 3 quick fixes and feel...
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