• How to improve your running technique

    Running has tonnes of healthy body benefits and is a great way to stay in shape and increase fitness levels. It's also an excellent way to lose weight alongside a healthy diet, but it's important to do it right. Good technique is vital for...
  • How to fake a shower after your lunchtime run

    Worried about stinking the office out after your lunchtime runs? Our six shower cheat tricks will fix you up so you can enjoy your daily runs in peace. In an ideal world we’d all work in an office (or lab, shed, station, school or circus tent...
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  • How to run less and still get faster

    Strapped for time? Follow our simple steps and run less but still be at your best. Words : Tom Craggs When approaching a long distance race such as a marathon the most obvious move is to add an extra run into your week. Spending more ‘time...
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  • How to run a sub 50 minute 10K

    Follow these tips from some of the UK's top running coaches to quickly increase your speed and improve your running technique so you can smash a sub 50 minute 10k run.
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  • Perform like an Olympian

    Gearing up for an important event? We could all learn something from the Olympians! Words : Nick Anderson Before you sit down to watch the world’s greatest sporting event (or prepare for your own running adventures) here’s a reminder...
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  • 6 hot weather running hacks

    Don't give up after the first hurdle when the heatwave hits. Throwing in the towel is all too tempting when the cracks in the pavement start to show. Suffer no more. From ice-pop stops to finding a shaded route, breeze the stuffy miles with...
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  • 6 race day survival tips

    Gearing up for your first 10K or taking on a marathon? Whatever the distance our race day survival tips will get you across the finish line with a smile! Words: Rhalou Allerhand Wear your name This is an obvious tip, but many runners often...
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  • 10 tips to stay cool on hot summer runs

    Summer running can be tough in sizzling temperatures, but if you follow our top 10 tips you’re sure to keep cool. Comment and share your top tips for summer running below! 1. Run early or late to avoid the heat of the day Take advantage...
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  • Run faster: the complete guide to fartlek training

    As a runner you probably often hear the word Fartlek banded around but what does it actually mean? To help you, our expert coaches at Runningwithus explain what it is and how to use it to increase your speed and overall pace.
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  • 10 ways to wake up and run: the secret to early morning workouts

    Sometimes, dragging yourself out of bed for a run can seem like mission impossible. But if you can find a way then the benefits to your health, and your running, are immense. Here's 10 tips we've compiled to help you slide from beneath...
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