• A complete guide to running injuries

    Good running technique is crucial for good performance, speed, and the most importantly, the easiest way to prevent injury. Sadly, even the best of us can be struck down by a dreaded injury, so if you find yourself in pain check out the guides below for...
  • Pain relief and running: the facts

    Using pain killers before or during a race is a thorny issue for runners. We examine the facts. Should you take painkillers during a race? The decision is a toss-up between warding off a niggling injury that you’re worried about, and potentially...
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  • How to treat runner's knee

    If you want to avoid, or cure, knee pain from running then you need to read this...
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  • Ice, Ice Maybe. Is the post-run ice bath about to be frozen out?

    For years we have seen runners and athletes across a range of sports plunging themselves into bone-chilling vats of icy water after a hard race or training session in the name of recovery. But this could all be set to change. Words : Danny Coyle ...
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  • Banish running knee pain for good

    Prevent, treat and recover from running knee pain and get yourself injury free for good with these top tips including detailed advice from running experts.
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  • Shin splints: a fast, effective runner's guide

    Shin splints are a runners worst nightmare but with a few simple strategies, you can prevent, treat and recover from shin pain and get back on the roads. Follow the top tips below from expert physiotherapist at The St Mary's Clinic, Rory Brown...
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  • How to treat and prevent calf pain

    Calf pain can crop up at any point in your training and can be caused by anything from interval training to running on uneven surfaces. Luckily our personal running coach, Nick Anderson from RunningWithUs , is on hand to offer the best tips on how...
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  • The 8-point Plantar fasciitis recovery plan

    Struggling with Plantar fasciitis? Follow our 8-point plan to recover faster. Words : Paul Hobrough As a high-impact sport running is a pastime with a potential for injury, but that doesn’t mean all runners need to suffer pain. Previous...
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  • 7 steps to beating injury stress

    Got the injury blues? Take the stress out of rehabilitation and recover the right way with our seven steps to beating injury stress. Words: Rhalou Allerhand From plantar fasciitis to runner’s knee, injury can be a stressful time for runners...
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  • The running injury index

    Struggling with injury and not sure where to start? Our injury index is the first step on the road to recovery. Words : Danny Coyle Injuries are part and parcel of a runner’s life. Sooner or later a niggle will appear that may throw a spanner...
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