Lose Weight

  • How to lose half a stone running

    Half a stone may seem like a lot of weight to lose but it's definitely possible if you train correctly, eat right, and follow some of these tips and tricks along the way. The best place to start is to set yourself smaller goals (on a weekly basis...
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  • 8 week running for weight loss plan

    How to lose weight running, improve your running and lose weight with this easy to follow plan that combines regular running with circuits.
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  • Why you're not losing weight

    You’ve been sticking religiously to your diet plan and exercise regime but yet you don’t see the pounds shifting off the scale. Whether you're kick starting your year with a new regime or just burning off those cheeky extra Christmas pounds there...
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  • 5 tips to lose weight in 2015

    How many Januarys have you declared a healthy new you and a strict workout regime but come February your gym bag is in a corner gathering dust? Here are The Running Bug's 5 easy tips to help you stick to your weight loss resolutions.
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  • Lose weight and stay full with these 5 foods

    Whether you’re running to lose weight or training for an event you never want to finish dinner hungry. This is The Running Bug’s list of 5 foods that will stop you be reaching for the chocolate bar.
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  • 8 surefire ways to stop cheating on your diet

    Sticking to a diet can seem harder than running a marathon at times, especially when temptation strikes. Here are The Running Bug's 8 tips to stop you quitting your diet. What are your top dieting tips? Share them in our forum now. Number...
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  • 4 mistakes to avoid when you're running to lose weight

    Running is a great way to stay in shape and increase fitness levels, it's also an excellent way to lose weight alongside a healthy diet, but it's important to do it right. Dramatically reducing your calorie intake and running like crazy obviously...
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  • 9 new ways to lose weight in 2014

    Tried everything to lose weight and still can’t shift the pounds? Read The Running Bug's 9 NEW tips that recent research suggests will change the way we lose weight this year.
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  • 5 top running for weight loss tips

    Running can be one of the best ways to burn calories and lose weight, but only if you train properly, eat the right food, and get plenty of rest. Follow The Running Bug’s 5 body-changing weight loss tips to help you run to your ideal weight. Are...
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