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Hi, I am new here. I have somehow found myself signed up to run the brighton marathon next april. I can't even run for a bus right now so am starting completely from the beginning. I have downloaded the couch to 5k running plan to start with but any tips are gratefully received.

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Well done you for taking on that challenge! Last year I went couch to half marathon, I printed the beginners schedule off of the course website and away I went. I would def look for a marathon training plan and start from there as training principles are different to those looking at a fast 5k. Loads more distance and endurance work such as dreaded hills lol

maybe consider joining a club and using their knowledge and motivation to keep ya going.

You go for it and remember to enjoy it


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Thanks! I do feel like I am maybe a little bit bonkers!

I have plenty of time though so thought the 5k would be a good starting point and then I can adapt it. I have been looking at marathon training plans but think the beginning weeks are a bit much for me right now. Am going to start doing some strength work because I have a bit of a dodgy hip and need to make sure I can protect it. I have worked as a fitness instructor so have an idea of getting fit to a level but just confused with the variations of plans when it comes to distances and stuff :S

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I recommend this book. It served me brilliantly. It keeps things simple and is full of inspirational stuff.

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I had a look at that book but then found lots of other and wasn't sure which one I liked best. Will probably get it cause it's on the kindle. Thank you