Newbie hurting legs

Mutley Mutley

Hi I want to do a triathlon this year and also to lose 2 and a half stone. Just started running (well walking then running) my legs really hurt and this has stopped me continuing in the past... thought I couldn't run because it hurt too much..... but I have just found out that the pain mostly goes away after 5 mins which is great. I run really flat footed and looks a bit daft but hey I will perservere. Any tips?

James76 James76


Go and get fitted for some suitable shoes asap! You should be filmed on a treadmill for this

Bunsy Bunsy

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freezing cold bath after  running also helps with the stiffness. and plenty of stretches before and after  (check out RTS's blog on stretching for tips).

Mutley Mutley

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I've looked it up on the internet and my problem is heel strike I have just done a little run to try out the technique suggested and it feels much better running now yeah !!!!!

gymrunner gymrunner

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Def think about getting Gait analysis done , and the right running shoes , i did this last week cant believe the difference it has made ...feels like im running on air .

good luck with the Triathlon ..

KandiKane KandiKane

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Mutley, found any good sites for triathlons? I also would like to do a/some triathlons but struggling to find events, thanks KK : D