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I'm new to the site. Seven years ago, I had a total, complete career change, I started horse riding and I entered my first half marathon. I've never had any formal training. Rather, I've just got myself some decent trainers, a good sports bra, an IPOD and I've put one foot in front of the other. Off roading, my trusted companion accompanied me... until his extremely sad and unexpected departure in Feb 2010... and then I would try to run to work twice a week, six miles, as the event got nearer. Since then, I've done five half marathons in total (3 being the great north run)... raising money for various charities along the way. I didn't run at all last year except for race for life... i've completed that, every year since it started, bar one, when I'd just given birth!!I've been horseriding for the past eighteen months but my horse is going next weekend...PHEW!!

 I find myself here now... I'm fifty this year, want to do a spring/summer half marathon... notts, derbyshire, south yorks, lincs area and would love to think that in my 50th year... 2012... I could do a full marathon! I've never completed in under 2h 25m... Obviously from that time, you can see I haven't ever ran a WHOLE 13 miles. I want a new personal best, I want to lose a stone... its not much but when you haven't got much to lose, its so much harder... how do I do it all???

If you're still awake after reading all that, any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Someone once said to me its the journey travelled as much as the destination reached. I wholeheartedly agree... I just want to get there a bit quicker!!!

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Hi Wendywew,

I can't offer any advice but a bit of support. I am also hoping to lose about a stone and will be 'running' my 2nd half marathon in March this year. I completed my 1st one last year but very slowly so will be reading any tips for getting there quicker with a lot of interest!