Beginner runner looking for a partner in Tonbridge

Beginner runner looking for a partner in Tonbridge

Lilears Lilears
Have decided it's time to get off my backside, out of the house and fit. It would be nice if i could find someone to run with (but i will be doing it even if alone, im determined!) Im just starting out but my goal is to eventually run marathons while raising money for charity. :) Hope to hear from someone, even if it's just for a chat or any handy advice you want to throw at me! Sarah.
slabhappy slabhappy


Well done at deciding to take the plunge. Can't help re running buddy (as I live in Glasgow) but I, and others, are always there to help with advice and encouragement.

My 1st piece of advice is (assuming you are starting from scratch) - Take it slowly. Check out a C25K plan (couch to 5 kilometre). Go to a good running shop, get a gait analysis and take their advice on the correct shoes. Enjoy your running.


bucky75 bucky75


Hi, I'm in South Tonbridge & haven't run for a few years and need to!  It would be good to have someone else for motivation particularly as I keep putting off going out in this cold, although I haven't thought as far ahead as marathons- just running for fitness. I need to fit around children but let me know if you are interested.  Joanna

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Theres a running group called Sarah's Runners ( in Tunbridge Wells which is supposed to be excellent for people getting back into running. Also slabhappy's advice about correct shoes and gait analysis is really important to. I hope this does'nt sound like a plug but theres a great little independent shop in Southborough called the Running Hub and the owner, Alan, is full of extremly helpful advice about shoes and about local running clubs. He helped me get off my backside and back into running a year or 2 ago.



Hiya, there is a group of ladies runners in Sevenoaks called Slj.  They do regular beginner courses in Knole Park.  Hope this helps.

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