cleaning shoes in washing machine....Yes or no?

cleaning shoes in washing machine....Yes or no?

apac0423 apac0423

hello, after a particularly wet run yesterday, i came back with wet and muddy trainers....

What do you recommend? is washing machine a no go or is it safe for our trainers...

Thanks for your help in advance....


KandiKane KandiKane


Yup I pop my trainers in quite regularly, to be on the safe side you can always put them in a pillow case and on a lower temp of 30C.  : D

Tonic Tonic


well i wash mine in the machine and they are ok, broke my washer tho so make sure you have a sports shoe programme cycle first, or do what i do now, give them your friend to wash them in her machine

KandiKane KandiKane

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Sports shoe cycle? Really? ooooooohhhhhh!! Though am guessing this sounds more exciting than it is. How did your machine break as don't want to do the same. Though think that putting shoes in pillow case may help as stops shoes hurling about. : D

Mcfluff Mcfluff

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I wouldn't dream of putting shoes in my washer.  If my running shoes get vile, I scrub them in a bucket and dry them by stuffing them with screwed-up newspaper.

Tonic Tonic

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kandi kane, i have plastic parts in my drum (called agitators i think) and 2 of them broke off, although only cost us a fiver to replace them as the shop selling them was closing down, but normally about £15 each. and the sports shoe cycle def sounds more exciting than it is lol, it doesnt turn the drum all the way round in a full circle, it just kind of does a half circle going back and forth if that makes sense.

McFluff, i just dont have the time or the inclination to scrub my trainers, especially after the state they were in after yesterdays half marathon, if i couldnt have washed them in the washer they would have just gone in the bin lol

N1ck.J N1ck.J


I take the insoles out first, I don't know if there is truth in this but I am told the detergents react with the sweat in the shoes and it is this reaction that produces the smell not unlike cat pee...or is it just my trainers??

becksc becksc

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I was told by the man in my local running shoe shop that putting them in the machine was bad for the shoes. I have therefore never done it! If I were to put them in a machine I would probably take the insoles out and put them on a gentle cycle and with something to muffle the rattling - in a pillowcase sounds about right... I also now want a fancy washing machine with a sports shoe cycle!  

When my shoes get muddy I tend to let them dry out (dried up newspaper helps) and 'bang' off the worst of the mud and then use a brush and trainer shampoo to make them shiny and new looking again. But there again I really enjoy cleaning shoes as I find it quite theraputic (just one of my many quirks!)

Sunny_Kalsi Sunny_Kalsi

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I've washed mine after trail runs twice and they are still going strong!

Alice@LansonRunning Alice@LansonRunning

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I agree with Mcfluff - use a bucket of hot soapy water and take out the insoles.

My boss put his dirty Asics though the washer here to use in the shop. At 30 degrees they came out no better off. At 40 degrees they came out a size smaller and curly.

I think this is a risky business but some people do get away with it.

Ken100 Ken100

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Leave them dirty or run up a burn at the end of your'lll soon be time for new ones anyway.

lehorse lehorse

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I am with the bucket of water and a brush brigade never in the machine never even on the trainer cycle. If mine are really really bad I go in the shower with them on ... the wife loves that :-P

eejit1 eejit1

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I am with the bucket and brush/cloth (or maybe just under the tap in the back yard!) ... but ... water luke warm at most and only a very small amount of detergent ...

Sharks Sharks


Watering can and hard yard broom; never in the washing machine. Also run the watering can on the legs to replicate an ice bath.
Shea Shea

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I'd go back a step and stop buying 'white' trainers that look cack with cack on them.

Never had a problem washing 'fashion' trainers in the washer on a low temp in with other clothes to reduce them being flung around at speed wrecking the agitators.

Ideally after a trail it's a run through a deep puddle or long wet grass and them a soak in a bucket if still fully loaded.

ALWAYS dry naturally