Back pain when running

Sarge Sarge
Having only just started to run after 43 years of neglect it has come harder to me than I expected but I am still enjoying the run and enrolled in a 5k charity run in June as a bit of a motivator. First few training runs were fine but I seem now to be getting a sharp pain between my shoulder blades after about 2 miles. Im 6` tall and a little over 15 stone. Well....7lbs over 15 stone to be exact but we all have to start somewhere. The pain is not exactly crippling but still annoying none the less and makes the running quite uncomfortable. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you all and particularly to sagey and gromit for their comments on my previous postings[/size].
Mungo Mungo


Hi Sarge,

If you are getting any sharp pain then you should stop doing whatever it is that`s making you hurt. It`s not going to get any better and in fact it`s good practice to learn to acknowledge when your body is upset. Failing to do so can result in an injury that takes a long time to heal.

If you are not already, try some mobility exercises before running to warm up your shoulder muscles. There are plenty on the web eg mobility but don`t be too frisky with them as you or you could injure yourself. nice and easy.

I`d also suggest a nice long stretching session post run.

From my own experience when I started running again after a few years off I was 100kg and I had an assortment of random muscles twinging. Once I accepted that I had to warm up and to stretch fully after running they pretty much stopped.

Hope the above is some help to you