Lower leg pains

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Hi all, hope someone has some advice! I am just starting to increas my distance, just a km a week doing one longer run then 2 shorter runs per week. Just recently I've had pains in my calf that feels like cramp but is constant, even the next day after running. I'm also getting pain in my shins as well. Did think it might be my footwear, but I've not had them quite a year and haven't one too much mileage yet?

Any ideas would be helpful 

Many thanks


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Sorry! Meant.....done too much mileage.

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I think you could do with a change of trainers; a year old trainers is too old, IMO, though that may depend on the amount of use they've had.  Mrs Tosh changes hers every-few-months but she does a fair bit of mileage.

I probably change mine about every four months.

Also, stretching is important to prevent injury, so I've been told.

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Hi You haven't been running any inclines or hills have you, I know when I have started running again after some time off, if I put hills or even slight inclines in to my running too soon, my calf can get sore. As for the pain in your shins, this could be the start of shin splints, I always have had pain in my shins when I have gone too fast too soon. So now I always build up my speed and distance really slowly, because my mind says I can run fast, but I put the brakes on now and gave my body chance to build up and adjust to the new stresses. Its difficult though as I have run in the past so I know what speed I am capable of, but the way I look at it is that, if I take it easy to start with after a few months I will be running the speed I want, but if I rush it I will get niggly injuries or sore shins and then not be able to run as well. So slowly does it and you should be ok. Also I find stretching everytime after a run helps to prevent my legs from being as stiff or as sore on the next run.

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Thank you for your replys,

I do a good stretch after all my runs, so don';t think it is that. But I agree a year is quite a long while, so will take my trainers down to my local running shop, they are very good and will let me know if I do need a new pair. and yes Mike, I have been building in more inclines into my running as I am trying to build my staminer and had never thought it would be that, so at least I can keep my eye on that too.

Many thanks again