I need a porta loo

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Virtually every time I run I will need to go to the loo ( a poo! sorry!) regardless of  time of day, what I have eaten or whether I have been.. before my run.  Sometimes I can scuttle into a bush but I hate doing this.  When I run a 10k or a half marathon I can take imodium and theres no problem but it takes my body up to five days to recover.  However at the moment I'm training 3 times a week and obviously cant use Immodium routinely.  I'd explode! This problem is now getting me down  and possibly psyco sematic!!.  Any suggestions will be gratefully received.  Thanks 

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I take milk thistle tablets one evey morning it basically gets rid of excess in system I usually find I go to toilet soon after. I also have a good breakfast of cereal with bran and fruit and think the combination settles everything down. My body now naturally goes into pre race mode and measure of excitement and nerves makes me go a few times before i go out. If i feel bloated at all i also take yakult or similar with same effect you could try this every morning for a while and maybe your body will settle dwon like mine has. Milk thistle is in Holland and Barrett  hope this helps Brenda

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I have this exact same problem deng! It used to happen occasionally but recently it's every single time I step out the door (and I'm talking I'll just have my bowels open if I don't get to a toilet wherever I am). It's really getting me down now, I'm beginning to dread going for a run and am thinking I might have to give it up completely. I don't want to and I'm supposed to start a training regime for a half in August but there's no way I could run for 8 miles.

Have you been to your GP? I've been diagnosed with IBS and am in the process of trying medications to control it after experimenting with times of day I run etc, to no success so far and I've heard some people have found dietary changes have helped.

Can I just say that it's such a relief that it's not just me who suffers with this problem. Not that it helps you much! Rachael

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hi brenda

thanks for your post.  I'll give your suggestions a try and let you know. Thanks Denise

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Hi Rachael I feel your pain!.  Dont think I ve got IBS as am perfectly normal on the non running days.  Going to try Brendas suggestions and see if that helps will keep you posted good luck Denise

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I had this problem once, but it passed (sorry!)

Genuinely though, I did, and I got over it somehow. Your condition sounds like it has gone on much too long though.

I remember one night this dog rushing me and the bark nearly caused a major blot of the copy book!!

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Hi I am new to this site, I have exactly the same problem and it's getting me down. It first occurred when I started doing 10k runs but now I get the stomach pains not even past 5k.

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Hi runner29, like you my problem is getting worse. It used to be the occasional run and now it's pretty much all of them and only a couple of miles into the run whereas I could get away with much further. Frustrating isn't it?