Can I run with broken toe?!!

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All together now...aaahhh!

So I think I broke my toe (potty training related injury -don't ask!!).

Am I likely to do myself any damage if I run?

Any tips?


mumof2 xx

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well i dont know whether you really should or not, but....i did and it doesnt seem to have hindered me since.  mine was my little toe and it was the 4th time i had broken it (i only need to touch it now and it breaks as it is so weak), i did leave it  a couple of days till a lot of the swelling had gone down and decided to give it a go and it didnt hurt too bad so i carried on. i guess it comes down to the usual of "listen to your body". if your toe says no then dont do it, if it feels ok, try it but be careful.

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If it doesn't hurt when you run, then run.

If it hurts, don't run until it stops hurting.