Constant Breathlessness

Squidge98 Squidge98

hi everyone

i'm fairly new to running and have been doing the run / walk training which i enjoy. my problem is that while my body is very comfortable running or cycling, i am constantly out of breath. i walk quite a lot and during last year i cycled about 10 miles a day so i'm not sure why i'm so breathless - surely i should be passed that by now?

any advice greatly received.

Tonic Tonic


from experience it took about 6 weeks of regular running for my breathing to settle down.  you dont say how long you have been running but if its longer than that is it a case of running too fast? when you start feeling breathless slow your pace right down, you should be able to talk in sentences whilst running if you cant you are going too fast. x

Squidge98 Squidge98

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thanks, not long, but i've been cycling all last year and get out of breath with that too. i'll give it a go at slowing down though (i haven't tried talking at the same time as running) - see if it helps. thanks again..!

KandiKane KandiKane

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Hey Squidge, I agree with Tonic about slowing down. If you can walk and not get out of breath but running you do then find a middle ground in between where you don't get out of breath, nearer to a walking speed and then gradually get faster with time (let that happen on its own, don't push too much to get faster).

Even if your 'run' is slower than a fast walk would be as its harder work a 'running' action and then you'll gradually get faster with time.

With the cycling, maybe its that you push yourself really hard and thats why you get out of breath. I always feel if am not red, sweaty, out of breath and exhausted at end then I haven't worked hard enough...but with running you have to build it up so that you can sustain the distance you are aiming for. some runs will be slow and long, some short and fast but it all comes with time.

If your breathing is problematic at times when you aren't doing cardio or is concerning you it won't hurt to pop to your GP. But as a general rule you are probably pushing too hard. KK : D

Squidge98 Squidge98

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thanks KK - i totally agree with your comments about needing to be hot, red, sweaty and exhausted to feel you're working hard enough. i'll go out tomorrow evening and have a go at a slow run/fast walk and see how i get on. thanks to you both for the advice - it's hard to know if you're doing something right when you start out. best wishes and happy running to you both ;)

Shawy1 Shawy1

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Hi Squidge98.. I'm having the same sort of problem, although been running about a year now, I'm trying to increase my pace, and every run I get breathless and have to slow right down.  Been given the same advice off everyone I speak to, slow down, take long deep breaths and RELAX.  Also starting some interval training to see if that helps...... good luck :-)

Kim 1 Kim 1

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running is totally diff to cycling, I have spent the last 18 months training to cylce across the rift valley in kenya for charity, which I completed in feb :-) which entailed cycling 60 miles a day for 5 days and we are talking 60 miles of BIG STEEP hills, .... but I have never been able to run so signed up to run a half marathon to push myself to train to run, and I am the same my body is fine but my breathing was a killer .... but it is slowly geting there, I am doing a mixturs of short runs about 3miles where I push myself to run faster (i try to keep a set pace for each mile) and then I do longer runs about 8 miles (well thats lon g to me at the moment) which I run slower - what helps me is running with someone and I mkae sure I can talk to them as I run, it may slow my pace down but it makes it a comfratable pace.

Squidge98 Squidge98

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Hi Shawy1 - i'm glad i'm not alone. i do find i'm tense when i'm running, so i'll take your advice and relax. thanks for the input, and wish me luck!

Squidge98 Squidge98

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appreciate the comments Kim. i kind of assumed that if i was doiung loads of cycling that i'd be getting fit on the inside but didn't think of the two as being totally different.