Sports bra from Bravissimo, great service

Sports bra from Bravissimo, great service

Sonia001 Sonia001

Last week I realsied my boobidoos has got smaller so set about getting a new running bra.

Ended up back at the runnng shop but the service was terrible, after all its the english thing of men being embarrassed about anything related to boobs.

So was told Bravissimo where good and I must say Iv never been to such a lovaly shop with helpful woman.

Had a fitting. My old bra was a 36E and my new one 34F, so a big difference. Ended up buying a totally different Shock Obsorber but one that somes up higher on the boobes and holds them there. Will deff be giong back for more bras and they also do lovaly tailored clothes that make the most of your bigger boobidoes.

becksc becksc


The ladies at Bravissimo are ace! I always go there now. I had a full on meltdown trying to get a sports bra in Debenhams and ended up leaving without a purchase and nearly in tears (I've lost 4 stone this year - knew I was wearing totally the wrong size and didnt know where to start! There was no one available to help in Debenhams) Nice Bravissimo lady helped me out, now am feeling a great deal more 'secure' when running!

sassnech sassnech

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I also shop at Bravissimo. Found them a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. Always recommend them.  I like the fact that the girls in there are our size.  There is nothing worse than being sized up by a someone who is a lot smaller than yourself. Personally I find that a little uncomfortable.