One for the girls ;)

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So, after a fruitless search in all the sports and running shops in Brighton for some 'technical' knickers, I found some seamless sports briefs at Lidl! They are fab! Uber comfy (like you're not even wearing any)  and I have just done 10 miles in them and when I took them off they were't sweaty like you get with cotton ones! 

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ooooh will have to see if I can get some! Do they fall down at all? Thats my biggest problem so have been pinching my b/f's boxers! : D

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They don't shift in the least!! They are quite high waisted, but I prefer that for running to the hipster type.

If Lidl is sold out just keep an eye on their website as they get them in quite often I think.

I absolutely LOVE them!

JustMe JustMe

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And the other thing, they are very stretchy! Really comfy :)

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I justgot some knickers  too!!!   Ha ha!!  off the 1000mile running shop on ebay! They are called THUASNE sport Shorty sport seamless shortys!!!!   Have misture wicking fabric to wick sweat out,  made of micro fibre, Lovely and soft and you dont feel like you have any on!!  They are seamless too which is a bonus - No VPL!!!!  Loving my new knickers!!

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Do they stop camel toe?

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They do Suzie!!  Well I cthink they do - they are quite wide at the gusset - thye are like a 2nd skin - Mine were only 4.99 - think they should be 23.99 - and yes they were brand new and unused ha ha ha!!!!

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