Hips, Thigh, and Bum

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I have started to venture out and do some running and generally improve my fittness. However I also wanted to lose a little bit of weight I have developed in the three main areas that women seem to have problems with the hips, thighs and bum but has the weight come of these areas no...instead I seem to be losing it else where.

Has anyone else experience this?

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Hey Simsy,

Yes, I know what are you talking about..

It happens to me all the time.. If I put on some weight, its garantied that it goes to hips thighs and bum, but if I loose a little, its coming off from my face, arms and tummy. It's depends on the body type as well, but I think our case is pretty typical.

My personal trainer friend said that in these areas (where you put on weight easily) usually have fat stored for a long time. (Its not like you just suddenly started to put on weight on your hips and thighs) So they are not willing to go anywhere. We have to work harder on this areas to 'remove' them. The longer they have been there, the longer you will need to get rid of them.

But if you keep going, you WILL loose weight from these areas as well! It's harder, but possible! And I think running is the perfect choice to solve this problem! :)

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You do tend to lose fat from all over it's just more noticeable when it's lost from the other areas, I guess because there is less there in the first place, women are naturally programmed to carry more in those areas after all for all that child bearing stuff! Try taking tape measurements and I'm sure you will see changes in these areas as well...I didn't and I really wish I had because sometimes I think I've not shifted anything from those problem areas but then I put on a pair of trousers I haven't worn for awhile and they fall off!

Simsy Simsy

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Thanks guys, glad I'm not the only one who has this issue but I believe I am getting smaller in these areas just taking a bit more time. But the idea of tape measurements maybe an idea thank you emso!

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Hey Simsy I feel ur pain! lol I started running 7 weeks ago and I actually put on a bit of weight! but slowly I am toning up!

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Me too KarenM - I have put on 2lb but do feel more toned