Weight loss frustration! Need some inspiration

Weight loss frustration! Need some inspiration

RunRabbitRUN! RunRabbitRUN!

Hi, last October I was just over size 16 and started to walk into work, slowly building up to cardio fitness routines at home, I lost only about a stone up until March gone so I've started running and training for a half marathon I have end of October whilst doing a few 10k events in meantime. Ideally I want to get to size 8 as I once was 3yrs ago and I think i'm nearing a 12 but I have to say I feel very impatient and feel down most days aside from when I'm running. I  dress mostly in black and confidence isn't really there. I had hoped with my efforts come summer I'd look my best but too hopeful I suppose that now I'm let down. Been running about 7wks and was hoping some changes in weight but really saddlebags about still and flabby arms and for a shorty like me (5ft) it shows!

Does it get better all this running? I'm thinking now of interval training for few weeks to kickstart. Helpl!

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Hi, I've been running about the same time and haven't noticed a difference in weight or flabbiness either. Blimey lady, you have gone from a 16 to a 12 in a relatively short time so dont worry too much and well done to you! .What I am doing is keeping a food diary, after a week I'm going to see if there is anything this tells me. Also don't look at weight as much - you are building muscle and this will affect any weight readings as its heavier.  Go with how your clothes feel. I wear black lots as well, yknow being a size 12 is pretty good. :-)

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been running same time as you...and the weight has hit a plateau at size 10..lost nowt for weeks..even though ive stepped up training...do you think the muscle is maybe heavier??? im using that as my excuse..lol...hang on in there youll get there....

anni anni

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you are  better off with a tape measure than scales cos muscle is heavier than fat.

I lost one and a half inches off my waist in a month without any change to my weight. Also go by how your clothes feel on you.

Laura Kingdon Laura Kingdon

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Have you got some comparison photos?

Also, taking away full length mirrors in your house for a month or two might help, then bring them back and you will see the changes!

Finally- ask yourself if you were totally happy and confident when a size 8? If not there might be some other things you need to look at besides your dress size.

Keep going, and be kind to yourself :-)

Jay Jay Jay Jay

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I too have been running for 7 weeks, gone from being only able to run/walk for only 10 mins in the 1st couple of weeks to being able to run 6km - 50 mins continous. I was also starting to get frustrated with the lack of weight lose ( 4.5lb ) in 7 weeks but i've also taken all my measurements and several people commented just today that i looked like i'd lost weight. I was well please, i may even give up Weight Watchers in the next few weeks and stick to the running and healthy eating. I also read somewhere on this site that it can take up to 12 weeks for the weight loss to kick in, when you start running. I think it's something to do with muscle weighing more than fat. Check out the video on you tube. 5lbs of fat v's 5lbs of muscle. Stick with the running and im sure the weight loss will happen. Thats what i keep telling myself.

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Running burns off about 100 calories per mile.  If you're seven weeks into starting to run, you're probably running two or three miles at a time.  If you have more than a few pounds to lose, you may find a plan like Weight-Watchers or Slimming World will help...  

You've already made great progress with your weight loss and improvement in fitness, so good luck, stick at it, it'll be worth it in the end.

Rachel Rachel

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Muscle isn't actually heavier than fat, it just takes up less space for the same weight I think... (like the old what's heavier a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks question).  I go by tape measures and how my clothes fit rather than weight as there's so many other things that can affect weight.  Well done on getting going and dropping those dress sizes!

Selena Maestas Moffitt Selena Maestas Moffitt


Interval training will definitely help. Keep in mind that your body is transitioning. If there are other areas in your life that are holding you back, your body will have a harder time letting go...of fat, weight, etc.  

Notice how you FEEL when you are running. Give interval training a try.

Good luck!  You are doing an amazing job.

Selena Maestas Moffitt Selena Maestas Moffitt

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Also, a side note...movement is key, however, if all you do is long cardio (running at the same speed, terrain, and duration daily), you may be increasing your cortisol levels.  This stores fat. :(

jewal jewal

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yeah been running since FEb, decided not to weigh myself or measure myself till summer but did the other day and lost 10 inches off my flabby stomach. Such a high. it takes time  so keep going you will get there, stop weighing yourself for a bit, enjoy the running and make small goals like running none stop for 2 miles etc:

HayLil HayLil

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Rachel Run Ragged is right, Muscle doesn't weigh heavier than Fat, fat takes up more room in our bodies & our muscle is leaner!! I currently run about 14 miles a week, 3/4 twice a week & a 7mile at wknd's, I have steer clear of refined carbs, chocolate etc because I have PCOS & I have to get my carbs from my fruit & veg, didn't think that I'd be able to sustain my energy whilst running, but WOW I feel loads better, no bloating, no cramps feel great!!

I'm starting my half marathon training from 9th July ready for 30th Sept & I will be doing interval training with that, so hopefully that will help with my weight loss too, as I'd not lost for a while until I cut my carbs down by about 75% so if I was you do a food diary & monitor every mouthful & experiment with your food!! Xxx

Frazadoodl Frazadoodl

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I only started properly training in january in running, and I did it for weight. Very little happened and it made me feel quite crappy. However, I started to really enjoy myself and so joined a running club near me and started running competitively! The sense of racing and the training for a big goal completely overcame me and I forgot about weight loss... next thing I know I've dropped from a 12 to a 6/8!!

Honestly, the best thing to do is not to run for weight loss, but because you enjoy it. Set yourself a goal and build towards it, say just before christmas, and then when you get there and finish your race or run a certain distance- then weigh yourself. You will be amazed at the results! :)