lost all motivation

Deborahian Deborahian

A few weeks ago i ran ten miles at a slow pace, i was so

proud of myself  when i came home but had blisters on both feet to show for it, now

 i`ve   lost all motivation to get back out there any help please?

savoysister savoysister


It's brilliant you ran 10 miles!! My motivation would be to go to a running shop and spend some money on some really comfortable socks. I love the feeling of new running socks :-) Am quite sad!!!!! Start slowly again and maybe just do a couple of miles to start with. Blisters happen to everyone. Think how far you can run, don't lose heart.

Tony Carroll Tony Carroll

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Yeah, stay possitive. Build up the miles again and remember there are no rules as to how far you must run (unless you're in a race). The very very most important part of running is you enjoy it.

Best of luck

Deborahian Deborahian

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Thanks for ur comments i went out today for the first, bandaged up the feet and ran four miles and u no what i feel great.



Ten miles is a long run, well done, your feet probably need a rest.  I am reading a hilarious book called Run fat *** run.  If you want a bt of light hearted entertainment and motivation give it a try.  However it is not for the sensitive natured!

sagey sagey

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your trainers should be a size bigger than normal.I ran the marathon and wore different socks ,got black toenails but no blisters and thats cos socks were too thick... i am a size 5 but my trainers are a 6.Well done on double figures ...a half marathon is no trouble now...go go go

Poppy Field Poppy Field

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@ Jules - I've just read that book too. Although I'm not a complete novice I still found it interesting - and could really relate to the whole *everyone* hates the first 10 minutes of a run - I wondered if I was some kind of freak as I really have to grit my teeth to begin with :-D

croady croady

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Try using compeed blister plasters on your sore toes, and put loads of vaseline on the others everytime you run. I haven't had any blisters since I've used the good old  vaseline!!

rhilton rhilton

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Blisters are the runners badge of honour - inspect them with pride! Then invest in a really good pair of socks. I am currently loving Balega Enduro Cushion Sock. If you can afford anatomical socks (left and right foot) get those. Good luck!

tomw_b tomw_b


You shouldn't get blisters. Change your socks or your shoes. Socks that stop below the ankle always give me blisters....