6am?? Seriously??

Alleycat Alleycat

"Yes dear. Go back to sleep!" was my reply to my husband this morning when I got up to go out for a run.  Being very new to running (this is only my 3rd day) I don't think he quite believed me when I said I was going to go out in the mornings before the routine of breakfast, school runs & work began.  But it's either 6am or 8.30pm when my working day is done, we've been fed & watered, homework is done & my youngest is in bed and, quite frankly, I'm very much a lark, and very much not an owl!!

So 6am runs it is and I have to say, it really set me up for the day.  I was only out for just over 20 minutes, but I returned feeling awake, invigorated and ready to face the day.   We all got out the house on time (a minor miracle on any day!) and despite the fact that I spend all day inside, stuck behind a desk, I had at least had some fresh air and "me time" (another miracle!).

I'm very much looking forward to my next early morning run - 6am will now be my favourite time of day!

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The other benefit to early morning starts at this time of year is the temperature is likely to be cooler.  

(This does rather work against you in the winter when it is both cold and dark, but even then there is something rather special about a frosty early morning, finishing your run just as the sun comes up)

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I agree with you on that - especially now the sun has finally made it through the clouds for the first time in months!  And, yes, there is something quite irresistable about a frost morning...though I hope we keep the sun for a little bit longer :)

scott 10 scott 10

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im off for a session with the club at 730 should be cooler then a nice run to play with my new toy garmin 205 :)

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Sounds good, Scott. Enjoy :)

Help Hayley Help Hayley

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I havent tried the early morning runs yet but I might give it a go......and like you also it may set me up for the day of teaching ahead as well as my own family after school.....watch this space ; 0

Markd65 Markd65

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Nice one alleycat. Hardest job is getting out of bed. You do feel great doing the excercise and even better after you have done it and sets you up for the rest of the day. My alarm is on for 6am tomorrow for 35 miles on the bike before work.

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You're not wrong, Mark. My husband cycles every day (it's easier on his knees than running) but he rarely sees 6am because of his work pattern.

And, Hayley, I'd go for it and see whether it makes a difference to your day in the classroom...I'd be interested to see if it does :)

cas012 cas012

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alleycat i am exactly the same as you. when i do earlies i get home at 3pm and i just cant move. i'm on my 5th week of running and i'm addicted to it. which is weird as its so hard!!

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It is hard, but I'm really enjoying it. I hope I'm still this enthusiastic at week 5 - I'll keep you posted :)

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Hey, early mornings are great arent they, I like you have to work around when my hubby is around to look after my 3 boys, so I either go early morning or after 7pm and to be honest sometimes by that time I am ready for bed!!! So well done you, can totally sympathise with you :) Its very refreshing to go for a run and have some"me" time and start the day :)

KinverRoss KinverRoss

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Running at 6am?! Does a time that early even exist lol! I sometimes have to get to work early and seeing all of you keen beans coming back from your 10k's makes going to the office even more depressing! Having said that, the weather was so awesome tonight that the 6pm run was the most relaxing and enjoyable thing ever!

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scott 10 scott 10

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i tryed it once and found 5 miles before work to much as i do a physical job also i often have to leave home for work at 530 :( so it doesent work for me .

bikergirl bikergirl

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Although generally very much NOT a morning person.... I have found that early morning runs suit me.

This morning I was out by 5.50am, to do 4 miles.  It does make you feel invigorated for the day.  I used to go just before lunch, but as the hours I work has increased I couldn't do it during the day - evening is no good as no one here to look after child, so first thing it is!

it is a very nice feeling, that by the time I sit down to work at 9am I have already achieved so much in the day - and yes, its amazing how many times we've been ready for the school run early!


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I run in the morning as I work too, and have 4 children> I am a new runner but I keep waking up at 4.15 before the alarm as Im so excited that Im doing something so positive! If I left it until late evening I know I would never do it, Im a hairdresser so I stand all day and my legs switch off at hometime!Running clears my head ready for the day ahead and Im getting a tan already!I feel Im getting "me" time I love it!