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I'm all set to get going on my first week of 5km training and have done my first run. However, I do a number of classes at the gym during the week and wondered if I should run on the same day as a class (aerobics, step, zumba), or run on the rest days so that I do one thing each day (with one rest day a week). Running and aerobics on the same day might be too much (and I don't want to give up the classes). But not sure how important it is to have a running rest day every other day.

Help please!

SilverShadow SilverShadow


I think rest days (from running) are crucial, so definitely leave at least one day between runs. Aerobics classes etc...are great cross training, too, but I would probably not do any running on the same day as your gym classes as it kind of defeats the object.

Best and preferred option would be to alternate between the two at first; then, if you are finding it too much, you should maybe cut one or more of your aerobis classes.

Hopefully others will advise you, too, as I am simply stating my personal thoughts on the subject. I'll leave the floor open for the experts amongst the bugs here, but I hope you find a nice balance between all your exercise sessions.

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scardy scardy

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i know how you feel, ive been working on improving my fitness before i started running, and have been ice skating, zumba and the gym. and now struggling to fit it all in

Wannabearunner Wannabearunner

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I also do classes and am trying to build up my running so what i do (and i am no expert so this is purely personal choice) is run before a class if its something like LBT, pilates etc and then have a complete rest day.