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hi folks not been on for ages.i started running last year on and off,then towards the end of the year i didn't run at all,started back after Xmas struggled a bit,stopped for a couple of months with poorly chins,lost a few more pounds then decided to go for it proper so a couple of weeks ago set of with oh nice and steady and managed 4 miles no walking just steady  trying to find a nice pace and i felt really good.have been doing  a few 2milers and a few 3 milers and Sunday i did 4miles again in the boiling heat and felt amazing.i am over weight im 12st 13 lbs and 5ft 8.my goal is to do a 10k in Sept how and when should i start to add a few more miles,my other worry is it seems to be going to well do you think im heading for a fall or does it just get better.i don't use  a heart rate monitor of anything but i find that my heart rate after a run settles pretty quick and i do push at the end

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stopped for a couple of months with poorly chins

There's nothing worse than a double chin, but when they're are both unwell, that's poorly chins indeed!!!

If I were you I'd follow the beginners' 10k Bug plan. See where you are at the moment in the plan and then carry on.

Running does get better, but like all things it has its ups and downs. However, because we're are always pushing ourselves to go faster or longer, it doesn't necessarily get easier! You seem to be doing really well, so stick with it and enjoy yourself. Also, listen to your body, don't run initially on consecutive days and remember to have at least one day a week of complete rest.

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Hi. I'm also interested in this. I can manage over 10k on a treadmill but have yet to do more than 3 1/2 miles in the real world. I find that outside I 'gasp' for air, yet indoors I have no problems at all.


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he he i have just noticed westie my poor poor chins lol

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i'm impressed you can do a 10k or more on a treadmill but not outside. Your boredom threshold must be enormous.

What is the speed you set you treadmill to?

What is the speed you do outside?

I can do barely 30 minutes on a treadmill before I get so bored I want to scream. Which is pretty unacceptable in a gym, when on a treadmill.