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kez kez
I am a complete newbie! I need to get fit for a fitness test which requires me to run!! I have ran in the past and managed to run for an hour for 4 times per week. I ended up stopping as my back locked up. I find that I am not a natural runner and have very flat feet. I do go to the gym three times per week. I fractured my kneecap in 2007 but have fully recovered.
I would really appreciate any tips, or even better a buddie to run with in Uckfield, East Sussex area who would be at the same level as me or could offer me advice?
Many Thanks
Gromit Gromit


Hi Kez,
Welcome to the Running Bug, and good on you for getting back into running!
You mentioned that you have flat feet, and that previously your back locked up stopping you running!
The best advice I could start you off on would be to go to a running shop and have your running style (running gait) analyzed, then take advice on the best shoes that would help you with your flat feet.
Otherwise this could become a source of problems for you as you start to put in the training miles.
The worst thing would be to get started, do all the uncomfortable bits getting your body fit again, then have to stop because of complications from your running gait.