help im new to all this running lark

anjie anjie

hi all im trying to start a running plan but dont know where to start im not new to excercise cause i do kickboxing but i would love to start running any advise guys .xx

anni anni


Check out the C25K plan on this site - lots of people have recommended it.

monster2490 monster2490

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Hello, make sure you have good footwear. Go to a running shop for advice and they will help you to get the right running shoes for you.

Andychops328 Andychops328

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On NHS Choices website and here you can download podcasts for Couch 2 5K which is brilliant. The podcasts tell you when to walk and run etc. Would recommend it.

Kimdoit Kimdoit

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Hiya.  You could join a running club.  They give lots of support and advice.  Good luck and stick with it.