How to breathe?

Tizwas Tizwas

I am new at running and on week 2 day 1 of the C25K programme but I am struggling to breathe properly. I am a mouth breather by nature so find it very hard to try to breathe through my nose and wondering if anyone has got any tips for me as I am out of puff very quickly especially when I focus on my breathing. 

Jo Bo Jo Bo


I'm another relative newbie, been running for about 3 months now and did my first 5K RfL last month.  I'm now moving up towards 10K (7K last night - whoopee!).  Therefore I'm no expert, but I use an old aerobics tip to concentrate on breathing out and hard rhythmically, and then the in-breath takes care of itself.  I breathe out hard about every 4 steps and breathe in a bit more slowly.  I'm not sure I worry about whether I'm breathing through my mouth or nose.  I have also recently slowed down so I am running within my breathing capacity, which is allowing me to increase my distances.

Good luck!

Jo x

Adam Adam

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The answer is easy - breath through your mouth and not your nose!

If your muscles need oxygen it makes sense to get as much in as possible and not restrict the airflow.

monster2490 monster2490

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Hello, definitly agree with Adam, you need to breath in through your mouth.

When i run i try and breath in almost to a rythm to say every 2 to 4 steps and even use it to keep my pace up.

martinallen72 martinallen72

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Agreed. Mouth in, mouth out if you need to. Running at the start can be aerobically challenging, but after a while if you are still getting puffed out, you are running way too fast in training. Make sure at least 50% of your runs are at slow/easy pace where you can hold a conversation, else overtraining/injuries might creep up on you.