Am i stupid for....

michelle24 michelle24

agreeing to compete in a 10km run/jog in 12 weeks time?

Since March I have been jogging/walking a 5km knocked my time down from 54.56mins to yesterdays time was 43.02mins.  

Do you guys think its too ambitious to walk/jog obviously mainly jog a 10km in 12 weeks? I'm just not confident. I have printed off a 12 week plan to get me on track but i'm not sure!! 

Help/Advice greatly appreciated

thanks michelle 

scardy scardy


no. i dont think your daft.

you sound to be at about the same level as me, and im thinking of upping distance to 10k.

although i have a 5k run for charity in sept so i do hope to improve my time for that too

Jenko Jenko


Hi Michelle,

I think that you have to set goals or it can become repetative.

The fact that you've taken so much time off your pb says to me that you're on the right track.

A realible running partner is always my best tool.  I find I can easily find excuses why I should not go out running, but when I've arranged to run with someone esle, I'll never let them down.

Good luck


James_s James_s

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Your at a similar level to me and I am doing a 10k in 5 1/2 weeks. Just upping the mileage from 5k this week to 6k on sunday.

Darren Smith Darren Smith

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Nah. You have plenty of time. Look at it like this. You have 12 weeks, right? And you could easily increase your distance or time by 5% a week. I mean, what's an extra 5%. So if you are running 5.5K now you can up your distance by 5% per week and will be easily ready in time. Or, if you think you can up it 10% per week, you only need be running 3.5K now.

anni anni

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Definitely you can do it.  As Darren says, just increase your distance by small, achievable steps so that you feel successful at the end of a run to build up your confidence.  And don't be tempted to get hung up about speed - whatever you do on the day will be a PB and you should end the race feeling very proud of yourself.  Yes,  there will be people who are faster than you, but there is a vast number who couldn't even make it to the start line, so you are a winner already.  Go for it and good luck

jcook333 jcook333

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you can do it, its scary taking a jump in distance but its worth having a go, I never thought I would be able to jog a 5K but have commpleted 2 10k's. If you book it you have a goal to focus on as well. Good luck.

Darren Smith Darren Smith

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Absolutely, as jcook333 says, you need goals. Just running for the sake of it is for people who love to run all the time. I need goals. A race every 5 weeks or so booked will keep you focused. I have 2 more 10Ks then am startings on halves later in the year.

Jay Jay Jay Jay

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i did my 1st 5k last week, my usual slow pace about 38mins but it was like a bog. i'm looking to enter my 1st 10k 23rd Sept, but i wont start training for that until i get back from hols at the end of July, it'lll give me 8 weeks but i think i can do it. Time doesn't bother me but i have challenged my brother to run it and he's not run at all. Should be fun. I only started running Mid April.

Amanda Morrison Amanda Morrison


Go for it, alll you need to do is to increase it by 1 k every other week, and you will be fine...  I committed to do one and had only run 5k, but can now do 8.5, and the atmosphere will carry you round.