sagey sagey

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no...i cant even speak in the morning let alone run...whta is wrong with you people!!!!!!!!

splodgechops splodgechops

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Well I've got two kids, a husband and a horse to look after in the evenings, so the 6am run is also the only option for me!

djcouch djcouch

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The same as a lot of people i have 3 kids and to go out running before I go to work is the best option. Quieter and cooler, definitely helps me to wake up. Although I tend to get to work about 1hr early to run and shower before heading up to the office rather then from home. But can't get the large distances in, even I have limits to what time I will get up.

sagey sagey

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...i am just not a morning person...4 kids ,job,dog ...even as a nurse on shifts  i would rather do the night shift than get up for an early.Managed to train for this years london marathon by training after work- in at 6.30 out 7.15 but the long runs got problematic as would still be running at 10.Then on the day itself i was up and on way to black heath at 6.30...i was SO GRUMPY...but i did it so just goes to show!!!

cathiann cathiann


Hi, I'm a very new runner too, having tried the evening  run after getting home from work, am finding this isn't working due to kids, tea, hubby etc.  am thinking about trying the early morning bit instead.  normally have to get up at 6:45 for work so guess it'll have to be half hour earlier - can I ask tho' - do you just get up and start running (so to speak) or should you have a banana or something to eat before you go out.  god knows how I'll get up but guessing the hard bit is getting out of bed, haven't found the buzz yet but am willing to give it longer.....

alisonl alisonl

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Hi All

I too am very new to running, doing it for about 4 weeks or so now.  On the one or two summers days we have had so far my friend and I headed out for our run, it was so hot we hated every minute of it!  We decided the only way we would be able to continue thru summer would be to get up before work (although summer seems to have vanished now!) I rolled out of bed at 4.45 met my friend at 5.20 and had the best run ever, ran for just over 3 miles - which was a whole mile up from my previous best run.... I was so chuffed. We did the same two days later and again I did the same length of time.

I found running first thing much better, the air seemed fresher, my breathing seemed easier. I literally rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, got the dog and went....

I have to admit on the first day of doing this my friend and I looked at each other bleary eyed and thought we must be totally mad! But afterwards the feeling of having such a good run so early in the day was fantastic, set me up for the whole day and such a lovely feeling of going home from work knowing you don't have to think about going out...

Recommend it thoroughly and I hate getting out of bed!! But once you do it's worth it!

Wintersmith Wintersmith

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Hi all

during the week work gets in the way of early mornings for me. So I love the weekend when I can get out before 6am and watch the wildlife when I run. so far seen foxes, herons, wookpekers and a gazillion rabbits!!

one thing the early morning run also avoids for me is the dog walkers dogs who think someone running is their latest play thing :-)

cathiann cathiann

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thank you so much for writing this.  I am DEFINATELY going to try it monday morning - will let you know how I get on...

belinda chandler belinda chandler


i can only do morning runs not as early as 6 yet usally between 8&10 but like u cream crackered by 6pm and just want 2 chill plus 4 kids 2 work around