Milford Common Endurance Run

Milford Common Endurance Run

bswiles bswiles

Hello fellow buggers,

I have just enetred myself in the Katherine House Hospice Endurance run 2012.

The race consits of 5.8 miles over rough terrain including 9 hills and some obstacle courses around the way. Its being held in March.

Has anybody raced a similar event or did anybody take part in this last year? Just trying to find out a bit more about what to expect on the day.

Any tips with training would be good as well, i am relatively fit although I have cut back on the amount of running i do since the London Marathon last year. Still comfortably run 6 miles in a session when i head out.

Any tips/advice welcome.

slabhappy slabhappy


Sounds great. Where is it held?

ps - I don't think you should refer to us as "buggers".

mumof2 mumof2

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Hi, It's just outside stafford, very near the Shugborough estate.

Westie Westie

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But we are buggers!!!!