Bupa great run - Manchester- 20 may 2012

Bupa great run - Manchester- 20 may 2012

RoadKing RoadKing

today was my first 10K or any distance, in fact my first run ever- i have been training for 2 months and i will post this in the beginners thread as well -

clocked 1:19:46

added thrill : Haile Gebrselessie was there to start my wave and I shook his hand ( he had just completed the distance in 27:39 and was there with a big smile - what an inspiration!.

judd judd


well done

kiira kiira

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i ran this race my first ever race to date, i do love my sports but im new to running since this last 7 months or so =]... im 17 and a half stone lighter then i was two years ago so im loving the fact i can now run.. i clocked 56:17 i was happy with thisx

RoadKing RoadKing

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amazing story - 56:17 is a great time  - i will keep improving hopefully -

well done !!

the whole atmosphere at manc was fantastic wasnt it - ilve bands/ walk - through shower and the precise organisation

wil definitely be going back

Clover Clover

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well done roadking, it sounded a great day. watched it on the TV, having done one local 5mile race so far, and another 5k coming up this weekend and really felt the atmosphere.  Looks like a city race is a good one for support and excitement.  Good luck for your next one.

great time Kiira - you must both be on a high

Westie Westie

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Excellent stuff: well done!

Jennifox Jennifox

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Well done all, what a brilliant event! Sunday was my second 10k and clocked 1hr 15 exactly!

Did my first in March at Heaton Park and clocked 1hour 19mins 23 so am chuffed to have shaved 4 mins off in 2 months.

Quit smoking 18 months ago at 3+stone overweight, very unfit, couldnt run for more than a minute. Now 2 stone lighter (and still going) and running every day! :)

Looking for the 3rd race already!

RoadKing RoadKing

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Great effort , Jennifox , Like Kiira you have achieved amazing results with motivation. Keep up the good work and inspiring others !!

thanks all for your comments

could anyone please let me know the link for a comprehensive list of 10 K s ans half marathons in the north west

several websites have different lists.