Overheating and ending up with a salty face after a long run!

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I wondered if anyone could help me please?  Yesterday I ran my second half marathon, Reading.  I just got so hot - I had to tell my friends to run on.  I had drank plenty of water a few days before, ate carbs and drank water/sports drinks thoroughout the run.  I tried not to drink too much sports drink as on my first half it made me feel sick so I drank too much.

It was a hot day and limited shade, I wondered if there is anything anyone could suggest as I looked like I was burning and my friends looked ok.  Is it just my genetics or is there any suggestions to help me please?  I am 5ft 10 and about 12 1/2 stone, large frame lady.

Secondly, does anyone else finish with a white face full of salt?  Any suggestions on how to help this situation.

Thank you in advance for any replies.  Karen

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Hi Karen.

Every run I do I come back looking like I have run through talc :-) I think some people just sweat more saltiness - the important thing is getting salt back into the body though. Drinks like high5 zero are good as they don't fill you up with sickly sweet carbs and calories but do provide the salt and electrolite replacement which is very important. Drinking too much plain water can aid in flushing too much salt out of your system resuting in hyponatremia which can be fatal www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.../PMH0001431

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I can't really help, but I can say I'm exactly the same.  I overheat and get really dizzy as soon as the temperatures are over about 14 degrees, and always have a salty crusty face too, it's horrible isn't it??   I've asked about this before and just been told you'll get used to running when it is hotter, I moved from North Scotland to South England last Autumn so still have the joys of a hotter summer to come.  I do seem to be coping a little better now than before but I'm still hoping for a nice cool day for my first half marathon in two weeks time haha!  

I guess it's just something we'll have to deal with, I'd love to do a HM in winter when it's about -5, perfect running temperature for me haha!

Caroface Caroface

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Oh also I use rehydrating tablets from a brand called Zero (as they have no calories in) in my water - I choose the citrus one as it's light on my stomach, as I also feel sick with sugary sports drinks.  Hope that helps =)

Karoni Karoni

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Thank you both - both things I had never heard of.  I do think it's probably to do with my "make up" - but I just would like to make it a bit easier if at all possible.  Someone mentioned using Skins but from reading stuff online I don't think it will work.  

Thank you for taking the time to provide me with some advice - much appreciated

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Skins (if it's the company I'm thinking of) is just compression gear so not sure how that would help.

Caroface, I reckon you use the same as me - High5 Zero tabs (come in a tube) I like citrus too, but also the berry flavour :-) It depends on what flavour gel I am taking with me too!!

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Ha yes the salty runs are all too familiar. The trick is you know its going to happen there is nothing you can do to prevent it, so its all about managing the situation.

Every one is different in how they manage it, you will need to try different methods and see what works for you.

For me Im a water purist and will never taint my supply with anything. I carry a salt replacement tablet called endurolyte, it contains all the replacement you require. I have run all day using these and they work extremely well.

I know folks that will pour salt direct into there water bottle and use that as there method of salt replacement..

The important thing is to ensure you do replace the lost salt, how you do it is up to you...

steadyasshegoes steadyasshegoes

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Hi Karoni - dont notice any white salty marks after a run but boy do I get hot!

I would like to try High5 Zero tabs as other energy drinks make me feel sick after a while, way to much sugar in them for me. Where do you get them from?

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I always end up with a salty face!

Karoni Karoni

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Thank you all for your replies.  I hadn't heard of High5 Zero tabs - I will give it a shot.  Karen

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Yep, I'm one of those who ends up with a gritty salty face too...nice!

Adam Adam

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Me too - but recently I've been getting home with a face full of midges. Yuk!


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My other half complains of a sweaty salty face and says it stings.  I sweat a lot but I don't seem to get the stinging problem.  I suggested he use my moisturiser as a sort of barrier but he says that it stings even more when he does that.  Also I think he is worried that as a northerner its not manly to borrow your other halfs face cream.

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I get a salty stingy face too! I ran the Barcelona marathon last weekend and it was 18-20 degrees. So I used the water regularly to splash over my face and poured some on my head. It actually felt great, refreshing etc..

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I get the zero tablets from running shops, I think it's about £6 for a tube and I think there are about 20 tablets in it.  

My face gets stingy too!  I still crave salt after a long run too so I just let myself put salt on my food which I don't normally do =)