I did it and feel great

Alligg Alligg

I just wanted to share my good news with people that understand how it feels. I did my longest training run today 10.45km and I was so pleased with myself I could have cried. I am doing my first 10km in 3 weeks and up until Friday had only done 5km. Friday I went for it and did 7.61km and so today thought I would just take it steady and see if I could do 10km. my partner has been coming with me on his bike and he was full of praise for me but it is such a big deal to me I wanted to share it.

It took me 1hr19mins which I think is not bad and I am more confident about doing it in 3weeks. If anyone is in any doubt then stick with it, take it steady and you will get there.

Thanks for listening


scott 10 scott 10


well done and yes it does feel great i admit i shed a tear after my longest run of 11.5 miles in march emotions can run high you will be on top of the world after your 10 k in 3 weeks time your feel like wow every one look at me :)

Darren Smith Darren Smith

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Great stuff!! It is always a big deal when you go further, faster, or for longer. This is the one sport where you can always do better, and it feels great when you do.

Alligg Alligg

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It was such a buzz and I never expected to get that feeling,I have never been a runner but it feels like I am one now lol

anni anni

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Well done you,  that's fantastic.  When you do your race I'm sure you will be surprised as well by how much the race atmosphere gives you a boost.  

afiny afiny

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Well done Alli! And all the best for he race!

ruthy89 ruthy89

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was really not feeling like going to the gym today, but you have just given me that much needed push to go! :) thank you and well done! xx

kaylo1 kaylo1

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Such a good feeling! It's when your medal collection increases you feel proud,congrats!

Fabienne C1 Fabienne C1

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Well done Alli !! You are an inspiration ! I hope I can achieve the same in the future!!

Alligg Alligg

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Race is on the 21st July, it has been a hard slog and there have been times when I could have chucked it in but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel,just not sure what to do next lo

Tderham Tderham

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Well done for getting this far, you could try a half marathon next. I've got my first 10k in a fortnight then I'm doing 20k in 10 weeks.