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Another fan of myfitnesspal here : ) . I've lost 33 lbs this year using the site .

This morning I had a bowl of honey oats and more

Lunch was a veg stir fry

Tea will be a bean burger with veg I may even have some (portion controlled, lol ) chips ....yum yum

I have also had 5 glasses of water so far and will aim for 8+ by the end of the day

sharnie sharnie

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I'm with Zoe on this Kaden - sounds like you're developing some seriously unhealthy habits - find a healthy plan and stick at it - it sounds like you're motivated and it would be real shame if you sabotaged your own hard work - good luck!

I also have porridge for breakfast, a mid morning snack (usually fruit and a few nuts, or banana on toast or ricecaces) soup and crackers or wholemeal bread at lunch, then meat and veg or fish and veg in the evening.  I usually have one much less healthy day a wk where I have a few beers and and some junk!  myfitnesspal.com sounds a good way to go for keeping an eye on what you're eating - I tend to scribble it in my training diary - that way I can see general trends (if my jeans get tight it soon becomes obvious why!!!!)

PS whats Nuun??? - or am I missing something obvious

The Running Bug The Running Bug

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There's some seriously healthy eating going on here! It's Fiona here as the Running Bug. Like lots of runners on the go, I can easily dip into unhealthy eating habits. I'm not overweight, and never have been really, which means crisps/wine/chocolate don't seem so bad. But for me the motivation is about preforming better as a runner. Today's a healthy day with a bagel and a half for breakie (did 20 miles yesterday - quick carb fix), but then tried to stabilise the blood sugar by grazing on wholemeal oatcakes and peanut butter, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and brazil nuts. And I've just had fruit salad (sugary bananas, grapes, apple) with a low fat yogurt. And lots of water. Kaden, try a combo of all three of our top diets (therunningbug.co.uk/.../3-diets-that-are-good-for-runners.aspx).

Put good fuel into your body. If you think of adding something, it's said to be more successful than feeling like you have to take something out of your life. You need good fuel so you can run more and burn more calories as well as boosting your fat burning potential as you develop more lean muscle mass.

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I have a thing for biscuits which are always in the office.  I am 5'5" and weigh about 56kgs.  I go to Boot Camp twice and week and run three times a week.  I  figure the biscuits can probably stay!  On most days (apart from the biscuits) I eat muesli, large portion of fruit and natural yoghurt for breakfast, small bowl of nuts and dried fruit mid morning and then green salad with either turkey / chicken / feta for lunch followed by an apple or banana and evening meal is pretty varied but I never eat pasta, take away, shop bought or prepared food, tends to be rice / couscous / new pots with protein (chicken, turkey, beef) and vegetables.  I did manage to give up caffeine for about three months (ie my lovely cup of tea) but really cannot live without it so now limit myself to three cups before 4pm.  

If I didn't exercise, I hate to think how big I would be!

Kaden Kaden

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I tried myfitnesspal and it didn't really do anything for me. My mum and sister were on it so they told me to give it a try.

And Zoe, I eat fine. Slimfast is only for breakfast and only temporary as I'm tackling it all one bit at a time. I have a lot of things I have to sort out with myself, not just diet and exercise.

I usually post on here in the morning so you're not seeing what I eat throughout the rest of the day!

I checked the Slimfast tub and they actually provide a lot of vitamins and minerals that I wouldn't have in my usual diet. When I have worked out what food is best to eat and such, I'll no longer be having slimfast. And I'll be upping my training so I wouldn't be able to continue on just a slimfast anyway.

I appreciate your help, though. I do need to eat more fruit and veg! I'm working with my mum to try and create a healthier shopping list but it's not going so well as money is tight and the healthy stuff always seems the most expensive :(

MrsWade MrsWade

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I have to agree Kaden my shopping bill is frightening.  Fruit in particular is so expensive and some weeks for my family of four (two little girls aged 4 & 6) we spend nearly £50 on fruit and veg alone!

sharnie sharnie

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Its definately more expensive to be healthy! - don't know about anyone else but I find it really frustrating when I see a shopping trolly in front of me loaded to the max with pizza, pies, biscuits, cakes, crisps, fizzy drinks and ready meals and it still costs less than my 3/4 empty trolly of healthier stuff (and I always buy own brand or value fruit and veg - hell I don't care what shape it is!)

And come to that why is anything that contains LESS fat/salt/sugar always more expensive than the standard product?  If I'm getting less of something why should I pay more??????   AAAAARRRGH!

I'm actually in favour of taxing unhealthy food  - but after the pasty VAT debacle not sure any government will be that brave!

emso emso

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I am trying to lose weight and also train for a marathon. I also eat very little meat  so I have to really think about what I eat. Best thing I've found is gnocchi for tea the night before a long run- rocket fuel! I've struggled to shift weight over the years but have been using a free app called SlimCircle (soon to be renamed MyFoodCircle). It's basically a Facebook style food diary and it's worked wonders at making me adopt a healthy eating approach rather than follow a diet that I can't maintain long term- 16lbs in 8 weeks! Would recommend highly.

martinallen72 martinallen72

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Kaden - try not to get too bogged down with it. It really is a simple equation of calories in versus calories out. If you take your base figure of 2500 for men and 2000 for women and then work round it accordingly. Many people eat far too little, so their body tries to 'store' its fat and energy because its just not getting enough in the food to function.  Some people who can't lose weight eat healthy food, but just too much of it! Portion control. You need your base level of calories and a bit, preferably through three good, proper meals per day with a good balance of meat/fish and vegetables, and then enough exercise enough to burn off some of them, to leave a smallish negative balance. I'm not talking precise measures here counting every calorie but normal, healthy eating of normal sized portions that gives your body enough general energy so it doesn't go into 'hibernation' and leaves enough to burn off to a small negative balance. Remember muscle weighs more than fat, so don't be fooled by weight. Look at waist size as a better indicator of improved health. Good luck