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claire east claire east

hi i am runnig the race for life on sunday 24june at barley lands billericey hope i can run all the way only been running for five months to beat my deppreshion hope to raise about 200.00 for cancer research is there anyone who doing that would like to meet up on the day i havent any friends and doing this on my own

twopointzerokids twopointzerokids


I'm not doing it, but just wanted to wish you luck. It's a very worthy cause. I did rfl a  few years back- it's a fab day. Very uplifting. You'll be spurred along by the atmosphere even if you do it by yourself. I caught the running bug after the rfl, and now have done several half marathons and  a full marathon...so watch out-this may be beginning of a new interest. It is a  great way to combat depression, that is too how I started running-just for "me time". Works a treat. Best of luck with everything.

scott 10 scott 10

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hi claire as ive said i also took up running to beat depression i started by doing a 10 k run which i linked to bone cancer charity trust i raised abt £650 the feeling you will have when you cross that finish line is out of this world you will feel like you have a halo above you and feel realy honoured to run for such a good cause im running a half marathon in august for cancer research so im training for this now you wont be on your own sunday my strong belief in you will be with you and claire you will beat this nasty depression keep at it best of luck scott xx

nuttynanny nuttynanny


Hi sorry not running I your race I'm in Coventry but wanted to wish you all the best my first 5k in about 25 years :-/

claire east claire east

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hi how would i find out about doing a 10k run would like to do that

sharalou sharalou

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Hello Claire, I hope your Race for Life went well? If you check the Events section of this web site, you will find some 10K runs. Also, there is a Windsor 8K being held in October, so you should have time to train for it.  This is a women-only event for runners of all abilities; I was thinking I might do it myself: www.running4women.com/windsor8k.  I am running my first Race for Life on Sunday and have just signed up to join a beginners' running course at my local Running Club.  I too suffered from depression for a while and running has really boosted my self-esteem.  Wish you luck x

Darren Smith Darren Smith

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Hi Claire, there are lots of sites listing 10Ks. Runners World and on here the events are listed. There are some every month into the winter.