Marathon des Sables Race Day 6 - Marathon Day

Marathon des Sables Race Day 6 - Marathon Day

Today I finally got to do what i came here to do; today I went for a run.

 Marathon Des Sables 2012

Despite the bandaged feet, the lack of sleep and general difficulties of the 50 miler i wanted to get a good run in. So as I stood on the start line, my rucksack a little bit lighter than the days before, my ipod at the ready, I made myself a promise... pain or not I would run as far as I could today, keep the walking to a minimal. I had no reason to hold back with just one day of running after this.

To cut a long story short... in the words of Forrest Gump, I just kept running.

I ran over the rocky flats, over the hills and over the giant sand dunes all the way to the finish line.

Today i had the best run I've ever had. I enjoyed every minute, it was a beautiful route and it didnt even feel like a marathon because it was so much fun.

I probably sound like a nutter but I had pushed my mind and today I wanted to push my body, and I think it did a pretty good job. I ran it in 6hours 53, which I'm told is pretty good for a marathon out here, so I'm pleased.

I had a few more blisters so it was back to the docs to have them cut off. The bandages are too big so I'm not sure they'll fit in my trainers tomorrow, but I'll find a way. As I type we are being entertained by a French orchestra which is lovely if not a bit surreal.

Tomorrow is 15.5km which sounds easy enough but 11 of those km are over the biggest sand dunes in Morocco... so once again send me luck. Next time I write an update, hopefully, I will have completed the 27th Marathon Des Sables.

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