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The Reluctant Runner

The Reluctant Runner
Not a 'natural exerciser' by any stretch of the imagination, lacing up the trainers is often as much a battle of the mind as a battle of the legs! See what Sarah decides to do to keep herself on the straight and narrow...
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    The last couple of weeks have seen me trying a new cross training class – Body Balance at my local Fitness First gym. Taking my cross training as seriously as my miles this time round has been a new approach for me and I’m really hoping it pays off because losing every week day to training...
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    Many years ago, when it was safe to do so, I promised myself that I would run a marathon before I was 40, assuming I was fit and healthy enough to take on such a challenge. I had a big reason for pledging this and no doubt I will share more of that later! However, can you imagine my horror when I realised...