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The Reluctant Runner

The Reluctant Runner
Not a 'natural exerciser' by any stretch of the imagination, lacing up the trainers is often as much a battle of the mind as a battle of the legs! See what Sarah decides to do to keep herself on the straight and narrow...
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    Runher Stormont 2012 – Race Report So, after the rigours of ‘Silly September’ and all that my Reluctant Runner’s Bootcamp had put me through, the day of my 10k challenge had finally arrived. See Our 10k Training Plans. The Runher Events in Northern Ireland are great. As...
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    The last couple of weeks I have to confess I reached the adolescence of my running ‘career’ to date. I lost my way, I threw my dolly out of the pram and I slammed a lot of doors!. I didn’t blog, I barely ran and when I did run, it was running filled with resentment. From January through...
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