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Running To Learn

Running To Learn
An international marathon runner in the 80s and still fast in her fifties, the lessons Julia has learnt mastering her running have helped her better master life. Find out how here!
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    I found myself recounting how many runs and how far I'd run to my friend Rob today - 'I ran 12.5 miles on Saturday , 4.5 miles on new Years Day and 8 miles this morning with Fi'... I suddenly stopped and said 'Wow I sound like it's a new thing for me'. It does feel like...
  • Blog Post: Back to the Gym and Strength Training

    I am back in the gym again and I’m loving it. In recent months my strength training has taken the form of naked kettle bell exercises at 6am in my sitting room! Try these Strength Training Tips for Runners . It is the way I have been finding it easiest to make certain I keep the strength...
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    I spent Sunday afternoon recovering in a café (of course!) from running for an hour! Being injured for so long has made me forget how much energy running uses. I have been training consistently and quite hard on all the equipment in the gym, but there is something about running that somehow...
  • Blog Post: Training Runs and Dancing Girls: Back to the Gym

    Tuesday I am enjoying my morning coffee and about to run to meet Fi – I hope she is ready for her ‘photo shoot’. When I mentioned to her I had bought my little arm band and was all prepared for the running bug photo additions, I heard her murmur ‘I must remember to put mascara...
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