A Brilliant Weekend in Horwich

A Brilliant Weekend in Horwich

I had a brilliant weekend in Horwich; I had as much fun in the rainy wet of a coldish June weekend, as I have had in sunny climes with holiday spirit all around, reminding me that how we experience things is a lot about perspective and comes from the inside out anyway…

I love travelling, I love being on my way somewhere. The spaces in between that aren’t considered spaces where things aren’t necessarily ‘meant’ to happen, are often places that I have some very rich and rewarding experiences, chance encounters with no ‘expectation or hope’ in the dialogue, simply a sharing.

Travellers together in that space going this way and that.

I met Tim in Costa coffee at Gatwick, as the place was packed on a Saturday morning, he invited me to share his table. He was on his way to Toronto. We spent half an hour together before I headed off to Manchester. A chance encounter, but my life is richer for having heard about some of his life, some of his narrative.

He asked me if I was ‘addicted’ to running – ‘not anymore’ I said – ‘I was addicted when I was in my 20’s but not now, although it probably doesn’t look very different from the outside’!

It doesn’t really, I imagine, I still run as many miles as I can, I do some speed-work and strength training too. It just feels very different on the inside, I am at ease rather than driven and excited to see what I can do.

I was flying to Manchester and making my way to Horwich to compete in the national masters 5k championships taking place on Sunday morning, which dawned brighter and sunnier than the raininess of the previous day.

I had breakfast with Guy Bracken who had also, like me, finished 2nd over 50 in the X country championships in Bath in March, and a German, 75 year old race walker, who had been competing in 1979 and had only returned to the sport 6 years ago…

More chance encounters, a lively breakfast exchange and I elicited from Guy the promise of a podcast!

The day of racing in Horwich was fun, all day long there were cycling races and running races; the streets were closed and the races circled around a mile loop making it a perfect environment for a festival of racing.

I enjoyed my race, I felt strong and relaxed and finished in 20.10, which meant I was the 2nd  V50. As I was making my way back to my b&b, I jogged along the road chatting with another woman; ‘Where do you live?’ I asked’ Eastbourne’ she replied!

Her name is Di Farmer and she had finished 3rd V50 and lives just up the road from me in Meads, and we had never met before today in Horwich miles from home!

I love being on this planet and having the opportunity to experience so much. Wherever I go I am reminded that home is within me. I see how we are all connected, that we are all travellers on the path from birth to death and that we can, if we choose to, touch and heal one one another in positive ways each day, interaction by interaction…