Interval Sessions, Long Runs and Kettlebells

Interval Sessions, Long Runs and Kettlebells

I am feeling very fit and loving my running; there is always a yin to the yang. For a few weeks I haven’t felt quite as vibrant and my ankle has hurt a bit and I could tell I was in a fallow period. But now the yang is back, I am flowing and the miles are increasing. My speed work is feeling fast and my strength is building with the kettle bell work.

I tend not to do too many sessions against the clock, as time over distance has never really suited my soul; except in races of course, where I have surrendered to the ticking of the stop watch!

I have always suited interval sessions based on time rather than distance. So sessions like 10 x 3 minutes appeal far more to me than 10 x half a mile. I have always been a ‘relaxed’ athlete with speed, and it is apparent that I perform far better in races than my intervals - when I do time them - suggest I could. Now I am letting my body decide and create sessions that feel fun and fluid.

On Saturday I ran to Gildredge Park, which is only half a mile from my home. I warmed up around the park; it was sunny and warm, albeit a watery sun drying the dampened grass, but an air of summer seemed to be emerging in our very verdant land.

There is a cinder path that runs through the park and by running down it, turning left and running slightly uphill to the corner of the park I have an interval that takes about 1 minute 20 seconds.

With the national masters 5k championships fast approaching, a session of ten of those seemed fitting. To recover from each interval I ran diagonally through the trees, so it made a triangle.

I just ran, no watch, no pressure, just running fast down the first stretch, which is ever so slightly downhill – then working to keep the rhythm up to the corner. It was fun. I felt good, my ankle was happy.

On the grassy open field to the left of me, Matt Shore, Eastbourne’s Kettle bell expert and boot camp leader extraordinaire – as Fi and I now know first hand because we have joined his Wednesday mad o clock session on the seafront – was taking a Saturday morning session.

It struck me how much Eastbourne has been grown as a center of excellence for sport and fitness since I arrived here, nearly ten years ago now. The shared energy between us all was tangible as we all worked hard and moved our bodies, we can see ourselves through how we move, all emotional pain and unresolved issues get stuck in the body. If we move in creative and powerful ways, we can release these inner tensions and find the joy and freedom of the child within us once more.

The boot camp looked great fun Matt is running a Kettlebell Workshop for Runners and Cyclists. It is a 5.5 hour workshop and will teach you how to use kettlebells to become a stronger, better performing athlete.



I'll see you there :-)